The Best Ways To Export Telegram Contacts

The Best Ways To Export Telegram Contacts

In this article from we are going to tell you how to export Telegram contacts. If we go back a little further, we will see that people wrote down phone numbers in notebooks and rewrote the notebook every few years to be able to protect the numbers.

Now, however, the time for technology has come and everything happens inside the smartphone with backup and export Telegram contacts.

From taking memorial photos to bank stuffs and daily interactions with friends and acquaintances and playing and much more.For this reason, smartphones are now the storage of our numbers, and sometimes we want to change our mobile phone or move from Android to iOS, which has its own difficulties.

Some times you buy different services like  buy real Telegram members.So it is important to save your contacts. Stay with us to know more about export Telegram contacts.

How To Export Telegram Contacts Fast?

One of our constant worries will be to keep our contact numbers, because if some numbers are lost we will not be able to reach people in any other way and this will make it a little difficult. For this reason, in this article, we want to teach you how to export Telegram contacts.

But now why Telegram messenger? Because, as you probably know, this popular app holds all your data, and even when you install it on a new phone, all the information will be available. So in this article, we will teach you how to export Telegram contacts to your phone. Read down this article on our website which is and ask your question if we didn’t mentioned it down here.

Sync Telegram contacts to the phone and a few things you need to know beforehand

Some people may ask by themselves to how to sync Telegram contacts with contacts in your phone?

Tips to export Telegram contacts

How To Sync Telegram Contacts With Phone Contacts?

In order to better understand the continuation of the export Telegram contacts or sync of Telegram contacts to the phone, in this section, we will explain some concepts to you. First, the contacts on your phone are divided into two general parts. One is the contacts that you have on your phone and in the contact list of your phone and the other is the contact list that is in Telegram.These two lists may not be the same for two general reasons.

One is that the number you have in your phone’s contact list is not in Telegram, and thus the Telegram contact list does not include this number.Another reason could be that you added the number to your Telegram contacts manually. With all these interpretations, because Telegram is a very popular and ubiquitous program, it is likely that most of the contacts on your phone are also in the Telegram contact list.


Export Telegram Contacts To VCF

Export Telegram members is the quickest way to export contacts from one Android phone and transfer it to another phone or tablet is to use a VCF file. You can output all contacts in the Contacts app in VCF format and use it in other tools.In this article, we will get acquainted with the method of export Telegram contacts in Android, and we will do this by the manual method and in fact export Telegram contacts as a VCF file. be with us.

Today, cloud services have simplified many complex tasks. By creating an account in the cloud services that Google and Gmail are one of the most famous in this field, you can upload files automatically and download them automatically in other devices that are connected to the same account. This is called syncing.

One of the useful and interesting applications of the synchronization method is adding contacts to various devices, which is easily done through the Internet and Gmail.

Export Telegram contacts from one Android phone or tablet to another or from iPhone to another is very easy if you use cloud services like Google Gmail or Apple iCloud, but if you do not have Internet access, you can do this manually using the file. Do VCF, which contains all contacts.

Know about export Telegram contacts


How To Output Contacts In Android As VCF

You can use different apps to output contacts, or in other words, contacts‌ on Android, and possibly an app that the phone or tablet maker has installed on it and used to manage contacts.Just look at the menu and options in the menu or settings page and look for a phrase like Export‌. If you do not find the option in question, the best way is to use the official Google application for managing contacts called Contacts. This app is available for free on Google Play and Android app stores.

After installing the app in question, run it. Swipe from the left side of the screen to the right to drag out the menu next to the screen and tap Settings in this menu. The next step is to tap Export in the manage contacts section of the settings page that now opens.

The account selection window opens. If you have used more than one account and in fact a Google Account to store contacts, select the account or accounts you want. You can check all accounts to save all contacts in the output file. Then tap Export to VCF File.

The next step is to select the location of the VCF‌ file. If you tap Downloads, the VCF‌ file will be placed in the Android Downloads folder. But if you want to transfer it to other devices via the Internet and Google Drive cloud service, you can tap Drive.

The VCF file is now at your disposal and you should think of a way to transfer it to another Android device. For example, you can open the file manager app, copy the VCF‌ file and paste it into the memory card. Then transfer the memory card to another phone.Another way is to use wireless file transfer applications such as Zapya and SHAREit. Due to the small size of the VCF‌ file, you can also use Bluetooth and easily transfer it to another phone without any additional applications.

After transferring to the destination phone, install and run the contacts application in it and repeat the above steps, with the difference that instead of the Export option, you should select the Import option and address the VCF file to all contacts. Add contacts in one step and quickly in the app.

More about export Telegram contacts

Convert Telegram Contacts To Phone In iOS

These were to export Telegram contacts from Telegram to Android phone, what should we do to transfer Telegram contacts to iPhone? In the following, we will explain how to transfer Telegram contacts to iOS phone.

If you want to export Telegram contacts for iPhones, you have to do these steps manually, as we said in the first case. That is, save the contact in your Saved messages and manually add it to the phone contacts list.

Of course, there is something very interesting that can be done here that can be interesting for people who want to migrate from iOS to Android. You have a contact list on your iPhone, which, as mentioned above, many of them are also in the Telegram contact list.

Now, when you install Telegram with the same number on an Android phone, you can easily add Telegram contacts to Android phone contacts according to the tutorial given above and the second method, and in this way, the numbers on the Apple phone to the phone. Transfer your Android.


As you can see, in this article we taught you how to back up Telegram Desktop (Android and iOS) and how to export Telegram contacts and also benefits of export Telegram contacts. If you have questions about any of the steps described or you want to buy products you can contact the experts of the unit for help and ask them for more detailed guidance.

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