Features of Telegram have made this messenger known as one of the most popular, secure, and most popular applications.

In recent years, social networks have gained a lot of power, simply because they have been able to offer certain user-friendly features.

Among all this, Telegram was able to offer more different features.

Users were able to take advantage of this golden opportunity provided, use Telegram services such as buy Telegram members and upgrade their business.

In addition to the good features that Telegram has, it has become more popular because it can expand any type of business.

Bestsmmpanel has provided a list of the top features of Telegram and teaches you how to use the attractive tricks and features of Telegram?

What Are The Top Features Of Telegram? (Top 12 Features Of Telegram)

Despite its simple appearance, Telegram has unique features that make it superior to its competitors.

If you have been using this program as a simple messenger, now you should know that this messenger has interesting features.

In the following, we will introduce you to the tricks of using this program, and we will make you change from a normal user to a professional user.

What Are The Top Features Of Telegram? (Top 12 Features Of Telegram)

  • Telegram bots:

According to some, Telegram bots are one of the biggest strengths of this program.

These bots can play a role from finding music to managing a group or channel.

In addition, with the help of one of these bots, you can create any contest or poll.

Maybe it’s because of these bots that Telegram has millions of members and is becoming more popular every day.

  • Auto night mode:

At the end of the night, when we are going to sleep, we all spend a few minutes checking various telegram news.

Excessive light of this program is both annoying and causes damage to the eyes.

Telegram allows users to activate the automatic night mode if they wish.

This means that the light of this program is automatically changed to a state that does not cause eye irritation.

Do you know how to activate it?

  • See Telegram messenger settings.
  • Select the Theme option.
  • Then tap Auto-Night Mode.
  • Two different modes, Scheduled and Automatic, are displayed.
  • The first option is automatic mode, which is activated at night, but the second option is up to you to set what time the night mode is activated and what time is deactivated.
  • Upload multiple profile pictures:

Unlike other messengers, Telegram allows its users to have more than one profile picture.

You must have seen that in other social networks such as WhatsApp or Instagram, whenever you try to upload a new profile photo, your previous photo will be deleted.

But in Telegram, the situation is different, which means not only the previous photos are not deleted, but you can upload your new photo quickly.

It can be said that each user’s profile is like an album of his photos.

  • Secret chat:

Although Telegram is a secure messenger, it offers a secret chat feature to satisfy its users.

It means a completely secure place and no one can access its information, except the users present in the chat.

Secret chat is one of the best features of Telegram and has doubled the security of this program.

Perhaps its because this feature that many businesses decided to make money through Telegram.

Because they know that Telegram is safe so they start their business by buy Telegram views.

What Are The Top Features Of Telegram? (Top 12 Features Of Telegram)

  • Ability to change the phone number:

To subscribe and create an account in each message, you must register your contact number.

Whenever you want to change your number, you have no choice but to create a new account.

But this is not the case in Telegram, which means you can easily change your membership number.

Do not worry about deleting your message history, they will all be saved and nothing will be deleted from your Telegram app.

To change your mobile number, you need to go to Telegram settings, then tap Change Number and register your new contact number.

  • Share live locations:

You can share your location with others.

You need to tap on the attachment option on the same chat page as you are and click on the location option.

  • Mute notifications:

If you are a member of a large number of groups or channels and the volume of messages sent in large numbers is bothering you, you can mute them.

That is, turn off notifications for incoming messages from these channels and groups.

  • Customize the look:

You can change the look of the Telegram app to your liking.

That means changing the theme or making the chat background image one of your favorite images.

To change the theme, you can either use the created themes or you can create your theme.

You can find pre-made themes by searching, but to create a new theme you have to enter the settings and go to the Theme section.

Then click on Create New Theme. In this section, you can design your favorite theme.

Unfortunately, the use of Telegram has been banned in some countries and access to this program has been cut off.

But this does not mean the end of using this program, because Telegram came up with a surprise for users living in these countries called the Telegram proxy.

With the help of another proxy, there are no restrictions on access to Telegram anywhere in the world.

  • Telegram security features:

You are familiar with one of the most important security features of Telegram at the beginning of the text, but this program still has superior features to increase user security.

Two features two-step verifications and Active sessions are enough for this program to be in the first place of the most secure messenger.

  • Ability to save messages:

One of the best features of Telegram is that you can save your favorite messages and have them on a special page forever.

Whenever you see a useful voice or video message in Telegram, you can quickly transfer it to your saved messages section and use it whenever you want.

  • Create Channel and group:

If we say that Telegram is a good platform for business, it is because it is possible to form a group or a channel in it.

Telegram groups and channels play a big role in the popularity of this program.

To form a group or channel, you need to go to the settings of this program, go to the main page of the chat and tap the pencil icon.

Options for group or channel formation appear.

The 12 best features of Telegram Messenger and how to use them were fully described.

Knowing this information, you can use this program in another way, and consider Telegram not only a regular messenger but also a secure program for business expansion.

What are the best features of Telegram?


Features of Telegram have caused millions of users to join this program and use it as the most secure messenger.

This popular social network has been able to become a serious competitor to other social networks with the help of its special features.

This article is the most comprehensive and best guide to understanding the features of Telegram. After reading this article, you will learn how to use the features of Telegram.

Bestssmpanel has provided all this information by the latest Telegram updates and has used reliable sources such as YouTube to collect them.

Which feature of Telegram did you use more? Leave us a comment.

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