Top 22 New Methods To Get More Instagram Followers:2022 Guide

Top 22 New Methods To Get More Instagram Followers:2022 Guide

Are you ready to start competing on Instagram? Now it’s time to get more Instagram followers with the help of 22 new tricks that are great and practical ways.

Undoubtedly you have used many methods to increase the number of followers on your page but you did not get any results. The good news is that we have a surprise for you. We are going to explain new methods that no one has ever told you before.

If the growth of your page followers has been slow or you have not been able to earn enough money, it is time to change your follower attraction strategies and use the methods that we suggest to you.

Do not worry, trust bestsmmpanel, we have been on Instagram for many years, we have consulted with various businesses and we have been able to make them the top Instagram business.

This opportunity is now available for you, so carefully read all the ways to increase real Instagram followers. By these methods, you can add 1000 or 2000 or any number of real and active followers that you need for boosting your business.

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How To Get More Real Instagram Followers? Top 22 Tricks

How To Get More Real Instagram Followers? Top 22 Tricks

There are millions of active users on Instagram, so the interaction rate on this social network is extremely high. You can start your own business, use strategies to increase the number of followers, and achieve all your dreams.

Do not say, “Oh, I’ve used many of these methods but they have not worked” because now we want to tell you how to use them properly.

  1. Have a professional Instagram bio

The user first sees the bio of your page, then decides whether to follow your page or not. So you realize how effective and important the bio is in attracting the audience.

Your page bio should have some features that the audience will be encouraged to follow you. You must be wondering what features it should have?

how 1. Have a professional Instagram bio?

  • The Instagram profile picture should be attractive.
  • Short and purposeful sentences should be written in the bio.
  • Share a link.

In general, it should be such that the audience understands what your goal is and what content you want to produce.

  1. Know marketing strategies on Instagram

Instagram, like other social networks, has its own marketing rules. As a result, to compete in this network, you need to have a good knowledge of the features of Instagram and how to work in it.

What are marketing strategies on Instagram?

If you do not know about this network, we suggest that you ask digital marketing consultants to help you learn how to market and attract followers.

  1. Find your target audience

Why do we say find them? Because you have to choose from the millions of followers on Instagram who is eager to follow you.

You must find the answers to these questions:

  1. What content do your target audiences need?
  2. How should you treat them?
  3. What is their age range?
  4. Which area do they live in?

By finding the answers to these questions, you can produce content purposefully, that is, content that you know is needed by the user and causes him to follow you continuously.

  1. Generate creative content

Creative content means producing content that your competitors have either not used or have used very little.

To be able to produce effective content, if you have no idea, use pure ideas that are less used.

You need to evaluate what content your audience needs, then produce the best one.

  1. Have a business account

To start a business and attract real followers and customers on Instagram you need a business account. By having a better and more business account, you can gain the trust of users.

How To convert a normal account to a business account:?

To convert a normal account to a business account:

  • Update your Instagram.
  • Enter the home page.
  • Tap the three dots at the top right of the screen.
  • Click on the Account option.
  • Now select the Switch to Business Profile option.
  1. Use related hashtags.

Hashtags can play a huge role in advertising your business, so use hashtags that are specific to your business.

Because you want to attract followers who need the content generated on your page, so know that these contacts are looking for related hashtags and not unrelated hashtags.

what are the best instagram hashtags?

Use hashtags wisely, to see the effect on attracting a targeted and real audience.

  1. Write purposeful caption

You know that Instagram is a network where the content produced is either photos or videos. This means that you have to get help from the media to convey the message to your contacts.

But to maximize the impact of your message, or to encourage the audience to react to the post you have published, you can use captioning.

Excellent Instagram photo captions have these features:

  • The number of sentences is short.
  • The target sentences should use at the beginning of the text.
  • Encourages users to respond.
  1. Promote on other social networks

If you are a member of other social networks such as Facebook or Twitter, advertise your business there as well.

You can share your Instagram page link on other social networks and ask users to follow you. Interesting, isn’t it?

  1. Have a content calendar

Having a content calendar means planning for the content you want to share on your page.

Having a content calendar is a kind of respect for the audience because they realize when new posts are being shared on your page.

How have content calendar on Instagram?

By having a plan to publish your posts, you can both increase the number of views of your posts and attract targeted followers. It can be said that having a calendar acts like buy Instagram views. Because both increase your post views.

  1. Run Instagram contests

This method of attracting followers is both simple and very effective, just try it once.

You can have a contest on your page related to various topics, ask your followers to participate in it, and encourage others to participate in it too.

A better suggestion is that one of the conditions for participating in the contest is that each user tags one or more other users under the contest post.

It’s so exciting, isn’t it?

  1. Identify the best time to post on Instagram

Depending on the type of goal, and the knowledge you have gained from your followers, identify the best times to post on Instagram and publish content according to those times.

when is the best time to post on Instagram?

This is one of the best ways to attract and increase followers on Instagram.

  1. Interact with followers

User interaction is the key to attracting and retaining followers. Interaction means responding to comments and messages well and patiently.

By interacting with the audience, you can gain their trust. As a result, they stay on your page and introduce it to other users as a reliable and active business.

  1. Use Instagram story

Instagram stories are both fascinating and extremely effective in attracting followers. By making them attractive, you can attract a large number of followers.

how use Instagram story?

Note that if your Instagram stories are interesting or useful, the followers will send them to other users after visiting, and through this, a large number of targeted and active followers will be added to your page.

  1. Be active on other pages

The more active you are on Instagram, the better you can attract the audience. To identify pages that have a large audience, and under their posts, advertise your business and page and ask users to follow you.

  1. Generate viral posts

Be aware of the latest news in your business and generate posts about it, before your competitors do.

Generating posts on the most up-to-date topics gives you the chance to have your post displayed on Instagram Explorer, the place that every business aspires to.

Display your post in Explorer, which means getting thousands of users to visit your post and add it to your follower’s list.

  1. Buy Real Instagram followers

A simple and easy way to attract as many followers as you need is to buy Instagram followers. Just go to the bestsmmpanel, and order as many targeted or real followers as you need.

How buy Instagram followers?

If you choose this method to increase your page followers, you will reach your goal quickly.

Another advantage of buying Instagram followers is that as the number of followers increases, so does the number of views of your posts, and according to Instagram algorithms, your post will be considered successful.

As a result, your posts will also be displayed on Instagram Explorer.

  1. Use the location tag

Specify the location of your posts to get more views. Instagram has allowed users to put the location tag of each post on it.

  1. Have a specific theme

Do you want to be attractive to users and be able to attract followers? Use a specific theme.

It is better to choose an attractive theme for the content you post on your page and use it in all posts. According to surveys, users are more attracted to such pages.

  1. Hold Instagram Live

If your page is educational, you can hold educational live and answer users’ questions.

Users are very interested in such lives and not only participate in it, but also invite other users to participate in it.

what are the benefits of Instagram live?

It does not matter what page it has, for whatever purpose you are working on, you can hold attractive and useful live and invite more users to follow your page.

  1. Use Instagram tools

Get to know Instagram tools well and learn how to work with them.

These tools provide you with accurate and valuable information about how followers and users work.

By analyzing this data, you can better identify the tastes of your target audience, produce more targeted content, and thus attract more audiences.

  1. Use targeted keywords

Identify the keywords that represent your business and use them in your post captions and hashtags.

The advantage of this method is that when users search for content that is relevant to your business, your posts are displayed faster and a large number of followers are added to your page.

  1. Post media continuously

Constantly post to prove to your followers that your page is dynamic and active.

Users hate pages that do not have a specific content production program or that it is not clear when they want to publish.

how to 22. Post media continuously on Instagram ?

But vice versa, they are attracted to the pages in which the post is produced continuously and enthusiastically.

So constantly produce useful and targeted posts according to the needs of your followers.

Here you learned Top 22 guaranteed and amazing ways to increase the number of Instagram followers cheap and fast. By doing these tricks you can make money on Instagram and become a millionaire.


Growing a business on Instagram and attracting followers, is not impossible with all the difficulties. You just have to start from the beginning with strength.

That means producing good content and constantly interacting with the user. Do you want to know what are the other factors that increase the number of Instagram followers?

This article is your complete guide and explains 22 ways to get more Instagram followers for boosting business.

What other method do you suggest to increase Instagram followers?

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